For those who prefer exceptional taste without alcohol, our world-renowned grape juice range offers a refreshing alternative.

We’ve been making grape juice for over 40 years, using only the best Muscadel grapes with no sugar or colourants added.

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People are often surprised to experience such exceptional wines at really affordable prices.

There’s an Ashton Winery red and white to suit every palate and occasion.

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Special occasions become extra special when an Ashton Winery bubbly is popped.

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Our special releases are the cream of the crop, the result of the merger of time, passion and expertise.

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Explore our simply delightful creations from the
Valley of Wine and Roses.

If you enjoy an exceptional wine that is also exceptionally affordable
(who doesn’t?) then the Ashton Winery range will reward your taste exploration, right here on our
website, or even better: in real life at our wine tasting room.

Two factors determine the quality of our wines: the attentive care of our wine makers
and viticulturist, and the fact that we have access to the yields of our 46 member farms, which means
a variety of terroirs and a range of varietals are represented under the Ashton Winery label.

Our wide selection of White Wines, Red Wines, Sparkling Wines and
Grape Juices offers a taste for every mood and any occasion.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep red, smooth and velvety, this wine delivers a gorgeous bouquet of plums and dark berries with a full-bodied palate of ripe blackcurrants and subtle undertones of dark chocolate.

A robust wine with a bold finish, this red will complement a perfectly seared steak. It should age well for three to five years.


Delightful bouquet of well-integrated fruit and delicate white pepper with a full bodied palate of plums and mulberries. Deep red in colour with good cellaring potential. This is a vibrant wine with a satisfying finish.

Its fruity pepper spice character will go well with an Italian inspired chicken or lamb dish, prepared with hints of herb and fully ripened tomatoes.


A smooth, oak matured wine with roasted coffee and ripe plum flavours. Soft tannins ensure a smooth fruit finish with a taste of lingering mocha. This is a versatile Pinotage, which pairs beautifully with a range of meats – from smoked duck to Cajun style salmon.

Try the Coffee Pinotage; it’s the perfect accompaniment to a rich chocolate dessert.

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Well balanced flavours of dark, ripe berries and eucalyptus, contributed by both cultivars in this blend. The fresh oak supports the flavours very well; it fuses the bouquet with the medium bodied smooth palate. This wine should age well for three to five years.

Combined with rack of lamb, burger and chips or spare ribs, it is a winner.


Intense notes of ripe berries and chocolate are completed by well-balanced silky tannins that make this wine velvety smooth with a full rounded finish. Enjoy it with braised short rib or braaied steak.

The hints of chocolate make this merlot the ideal wine to pair with a creamy crème brûlée.

Sauvignon Blanc

The grapes are picked early, which gives this wine its lively, crisp acidity. The intense guava, green pepper and litchi bouquet should please every lover of Sauvignon Blanc. This popular style of wine goes well with seafood, particularly a seafood salad.

The crisp, dry fruitiness will pair perfectly with Asian salmon.

Chenin Blanc

A super crisp wine with flinty green characters on the nose and hints of fig and tropical fruits. A sweet middle palate and dry finish ensure a well-balanced taste that complements the bouquet.

This wine’s pleasant aroma and flintiness will be ideal with a tapas platter or game carpaccio.

Chardonnay Unwooded

A full-bodied wine with orange peel and soft tropical fruit characters. The buttery palate and creamy tones complement the bouquet, enriching the typical Chardonnay characters.

A great complement to sushi, fish, pasta or chicken dishes.

Joy Rose

Vivacious and refreshing this delicate rose has a crisp dry yet fruity body and delivers a smooth finish with notes of strawberry and rose petal. Enjoy with an antipasto platter or fresh caesar salad.

Take delight in simple pleasures and celebrate life’s milestones with Joy.

Joy Crisp White

This crisp sauvignon blanc fills the palate with flavour and vibrant acidity. Perfectly rounded and with rich tropical flavours and a long satisfying finish.

Best enjoyed with the ones you love – because happiness shared, is real Joy.

Joy Juicy Red

Elegant and velvety this juicy red is brimming with luscious ripe fruit and silky tannins. An outstanding wine that oozes sophistication and balance.

Perfect for your next festive gathering, or intimate get-together. Share Joy, one glass at a time.

9 Fields Sauvignon Blanc, 250ml can

Early picked grapes give this wine its lively, crisp acidity. The intense guava, green pepper and litchi bouquet are sure to please every lover of Sauvignon Blanc.

9 Fields Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, 250ml can

Well balanced flavours of dark ripe berries and Eucalyptus, complimentary of both cultivars in this blend. The fresh oak supports the flavours very well and fuses the bouquet with the medium bodied smooth palate

9 Fields Sweet Red, 250ml can

A ripe red wild berry nose with a slightly sweet palate and crisp refreshing backbone.

9 Fields Rosé, 250ml can

A Pinotage based Rosé, with slight skin contact. Fills your palate with flavours of Turkish delight that lingers with a fresh aftertaste


Chardonnay Limited Release

To create this rare release, our winemakers carefully selected the grapes from the most fertile slopes of the Robertson Wine Valley. Only a limited volume of this remarkable wine is produced. It is barrel fermented and matured in new French oak for four months.

It is a classic Chardonnay, and its citrus, dried-fruit notes and lingering creamy finish make it the perfect companion for any fish or Thai curry dish.

Roodewal Reserve

Ashton, previously known as Roodewal, is where this superb blend originated. With its subtle aftertaste of dark fruit, black forest cake, cassis and cigar box, this sensuous red pays homage to our beloved district, its people and its heritage. The ideal accompaniment would be a perfectly grilled steak or a decadent chocolate dessert.

This sought-after wine usually sells out quickly, so be sure to place your wine order.

Red Muscadel

Copper-red hues combine with fresh Muscat toffee characters and a zingy acidic tang in this rich yet refreshing wine. It leaves you with lingering orange peel and a touch of cayenne spice.

This wine will offset the richness of a dark chocolate mousse, or a blue cheese or other well-matured cheese.

Pinotage Winemaker’s Reserve

The grapes for this exquisite wine are hand-picked and gently basket-pressed to achieve a soft, intense mouthfeel. This pinotage has great depth of colour and a complex nose of ripe, dark fruit with a hint of vanilla.

Enjoy it with good company and a rich oxtail or other meat and veg dishes. It is also a fine accompaniment to canapes and cheese.

Noble Late Harvest

This beautifully crafted noble late harvest presents rich aromas of honey with intense flavours of sun ripened raisins. The palate is full bodied with a perfect balance of sweet fruit and fresh acidity.

Enjoy it as an aperitif or with a rich liver parfait or cheese platter.

Presented in an elegant bottle, inside a stylish box – ideal for gifting. Order your gifts now!


Bonica Rosé

Named after the Bonica rose, this semi-sweet sparkling wine has forward flavours of strawberries on the nose with grape fruit and Turkish delight on the palate, carrying through to the finish.

Serve well chilled for a champagne breakfast or with a fruit salad in lemongrass syrup and passion fruit ice-cream.

Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

Made from carefully selected grapes harvested in the early morning to preserve as much flavour and colour as possible. This elegant sparkling wine bursts with tropical fruit flavours and a bouquet of citrus and guava. Crisp and dry with a refreshing finish.

The crisp edge pairs perfectly with any white meat or seafood.

Joy Sparkling Rosé

Delightful, lovely light bubbly Rosé created to complement any occasion. Perfect for an intimate get-together or your next festive gathering.

for those who prefer great taste without alcohol

Sparkling Red Grape Juice in “Champagne” style packaging with a cork

100% pure with no added colourants or sugar.

Sparkling White Grape Juice in “Champagne” style packaging with a cork

100% pure with no added colourants or sugar.

Sparkling Red Grape Juice with a screw cap

100% pure with no added colourants or sugar. Also in a convenient on-the-go 340 ml bottle.

Sparkling White Grape with a screw cap

100% pure with no added colourants or sugar. Enjoy it chilled, over ice or in a fruit punch.

Sparkling Red Grape Juice with a screw cap 340 ml bottle.

100% pure with no added colourants or sugar. In a convenient on-the-go 340 ml bottle.


De-ionised grape concentrate

Ashton Winery has the only de-ionised concentrate production facility in South Africa. We process the grapes into a concentrate, which is then supplied to the fruit canning, food beverage and wine industries. Our grape concentrate is natamycin (pimaricin) free, which makes it perfect for export.


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Quality bulk wine

Ashton Winery is one of South Africa’s largest suppliers of bulk wine. We provide bulk wine to a number of the industry’s leading brands. Our wine is regarded as being of exceptional quality at reasonable prices. Our more than 50 member farmers produce 27 different grape varieties. Our intake can total 24 000 tons, which makes us one of the bigger co-operative cellars in the Western Cape operating under one roof.


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